East Asian Economy and Society
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East Asian Economy and Society

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 Modul 4 - East Asian Society

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Modul 4 - East Asian Society Empty
PostSubject: Modul 4 - East Asian Society   Modul 4 - East Asian Society EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 3:19 pm

The Modul 4 is comprised of 16 ECTS courses from the EcoS curriculum and 4 ECTS elective courses from the Institute of East Asian Studies. The 16 ECTS can be freely elected among following classes, each with 4 ECTS:

WM4a ... VU History of East Asia
WM4b ... VU East Asian Society
WM4c ... VU Introduction to East Asian Languages and Scripts
WM4d ... Methodology of East Asian Studies
WM4e ... Governance in East Asia
WM4f ... Regionalism in East Asia

Please note that you do not have to take 4 courses with 4 different codes! You can also take two classes from the same code.

For the 4 elective ECTS you can choose to either take another course from the above or take classes from Japanese, Korean or Chinese Studies. Such classes usually are lectures (VO) and have 1 to 3 ECTS. Therefore, you will have to take at least 2 classes from the ones offered each semester. Please note that you have to take 16 ECTS out of the WM4 courses and cannot supplement them by taking more classes of the other studies!

As the codes from above might not always be allocated in this way, for the summer semester 2013 these classes are offered in the M4:

WM4a ... VU History of East Asia (4 ECTS)
WM4b ... VU New Cultural Diplomacy in East Asia - Promoting National Image through Popular Culture (4 ECTS)
WM4b ... VO Intercultural Negotiation Patterns (4 ECTS)
WM4b ... VU Understanding Confucianism in East Asia (4 ECTS)
WM4b ... VU Creative Class and Tolerance in East Asia (4 ECTS)
WM4f ... VU Political and Economic Systems in Southeast Asia (4 ECTS)

The 4 elective ECTS can be chosen from:

VO Modern Korean History (2 ECTS)
VO Korean art in the context of East Asian Art (2 ECTS)
VO+UE Introduction to society, culture and economy of Korea (4 ECTS)
VO Political Development in Korea since 1945 (2 ECTS)*
VO Introduction to 20th Century Chinese Literature (1 ECTS)*
VO China and Eastasia (2 ECTS)*
VO Chinese Law (2 ECTS)*
VO Ancient History of China (1 ECTS)*
VO History of Japan (3 ECTS)*
VO Japanese Literature since 1945 (3 ECTS)*
VO Japanese Politics and Economy (3 ECTS)*

* only in German
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Modul 4 - East Asian Society
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