East Asian Economy and Society

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 VU History of East Asia in GERMAN

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PostSubject: VU History of East Asia in GERMAN   Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:50 pm

Dear Students,

Please be aware that the VU “a History of East Asia” will officially be held in German this semester!
According to Prof. Frank some lectures will be held in English and the reading material will be available
in English as well, however, he does not recommend to take this course if you do not understand German.
In the summer semester 2013 the lecture will be held completely in English. Thus, consider again if you want
to take this course in this semester. If you are not sure yet, please attend the first session of the class as more
information on the modalities of the class will be provided and you can ask Prof. Frank personally if you have
any questions.

Cancellation of your participation in the course is definitely possible until after the first session on March 15th!

We are sorry that detailed information on the course was not available until the end of last week.

Kind regards,

Your EcoS-Team
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VU History of East Asia in GERMAN
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