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 Guidelines for Course Registration

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PostSubject: Guidelines for Course Registration   Guidelines for Course Registration EmptyThu Sep 13, 2012 3:01 pm

Dear Student!

As long as you are completely registered as a student for our master program you are able to register for the courses (as soon as they are cleared by the university) as followed:

1. Log in to your account at univis.univie.ac.at

2. Go to "Application to Courses/Exams"

3. Choose Summer Semester 2013, select at Director of the Studies Program "Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Ostasiens" if you want to register for EcoS-Seminars and lectures (i.e. „Economic Systems of EA“) and search for the courses you want to take. If you want to register for Language Courses (other than Japanese), choose either „Sinologie“ (Chinese Studies) or „Koreanologie“ (Korean Studies) at Director of the Studies Program to find the Language courses you want to register for (the names of the courses you would have to take in your first semester you can find on our FAQ site) and when you found them, click on "register"

4. In the following you can see a short summary: that it is for your EcoS-Master (Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Ostasiens) and you need it either for the Language-Module M1 or one of the other modules. If everything is correct there, click "next" [Attention: With Chinese you have to choose 4 parallel language courses - go to "open" and select the courses in the order that would be most convenient for you (i.e. beginning time, date etc. - this information can take a while until it is online in the course directory though...) and after your choice click on „next“]

5. When you did that you can type in the amount of points you want to allocate to your chosen courses
Registration for courses with limited access:
Especially exercises (VU)/seminars (SE) etc. are taught in classes with limited access. To guarantee a fair distribution of places, the University of Vienna uses a “Punktesystem” (“point-system”). Each semester students have different amounts of points to allocate. The more points you allocate to a certain course with limited access, the higher your chances are to get into it. For example: You would like to attend 3 courses with limited access. You could now choose to allocate 333 points per course :
Course A: 333 points - medium chance to get into the course
Course B: 333 points - medium chance to get into the course
Course C: 333 points - medium chance to get into the course
But maybe you have some preferences: course A would be your favorite, course B is your second choice and course C is not really important to you, so you could allocate your points in this manner:
Course A: 700 points - high chance to get into the course
Course B: 200 points - medium chance to get into the course
Course C: 100 points - low chance to get into the course

6. Then "save" and you are pre-registered for this course. You will get the confirmation regarding your admittance to the course at the end of the 1st registration period (February 28th).

Hopefully, with these guidelines it will get easier for you to register for the lectures!

Good luck!
Your EcoS-Student Representatives
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Guidelines for Course Registration
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